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Antique books


Orapollo, (translation by Pietro Vasolli da Fivizzano), 1547

The "Hieroglyphica" by Horapollo are the only complete treatise on hieroglyphics handed down from antiquity. Considered to be the fruit of an ancient, sacred and secret knowledge, but really composed in the late era (probably in 5 sec. AD), they contain a symbolic interpretation of the hieroglyphics. The text Hieroglyphica is composed of ...


Rule of five orders of architecture

Barozzio da Vignola G., 1705

Vignola in his treatise Rule of five orders of architecture models in 1562, proposes a method divisional for the proportioning of the five orders, the basic criterion, valid for all orders, the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite, establishes a relationship between the pedestal, column and...


Treaty of miniature

Claude Boutet, 1771

The work originally written in French, in the seventeenth century, by painter Claude Boutet was then translated into Italian and reprinted several times during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Treaty is an interesting guide dedicated to the art of miniature and the creation of color...


Teatise on the paint commonly called chinese

Bonanni F., 1786

The "Treatise on the paint commonly called Chinese" is considered the first treaty writtenabout paints. The book was written in the eighteenth century by Father Filippo Bonanni and represents the most comprehensive and important study on "Chinese lacquer" in Europe ...


New Manual of the cabinetmaker

Lamour, 1838

The manual, dated 1838, shows a systematic way the "secrets" of cabinet-makers from across the Alps that have shaped the history of taste and design of the time. This is a rare book composed of recipes, glossaries and figures about the world of cabinet, the reading is enjoyable and useful...



Non-invasive investigations XRF, dimensional colorimetric reliefs and egyptian sarcophagus restored of XXVI dinasty: two cases compared

Franceschini E., Nicola M., Nicola G. L., Chimienti A., Coluccia S., 2008

The sarcophagus of Pasherienaset and Ramose (both dating to Dynasty XXVI), both preserved in two Italian museums, have underwent non-invasive diagnostic tests using portable XRF spectroscopy, for the recognition and comparison of the...


Development and application of a cleaning system for the thinning of layers of carbonations of wall surface painted sensitive realized by means of thickened aqueous solutions at pH weakly acid

Nicola M., Scalesse R., Coluccia S., 2006

The study comes from the need to solve the problem of cleaning and consolidation of frescoes sites within roman cryptoporticos found at the ancient town of Formia. The underground environment had encouraged the formation of carbonate deposits ...


Preservation & Conservation of Mummies & Sarcophagi

Nicola G. L., Nicola M., Nicola A., 2006

In Italy,and particularly in the collection held by the Egyptian Museum of Turin, there are many archaeological findings representing a challenge, in terms of conservation. Most of them were unearthed during the archaeological excavation campaigns carried out in Egypt during the...


The firing of the pre-industrial plaster

Accurti L., Nicola M., 2003

Speaking about technology applied to cultural heritage it comes instantly to mind the most sophisticated detection and analysis sistem, newest elaboration softwares, or even innovative materials ...


Study of the diagenetic effects on ancient human skeletal remains from archaeological sites in piedmont

Bolla B., 2014

Purpose of this work was the evaluation of the state of preservation of several ancient human skeletons through chemical analysis on the bones and their burial soil. In this study, small fragments of bone from Medieval and Late Antique skeletons collected from the archaeological sites of Barengo, Castelletto Cervo and Costigliole Saluzzo in Piedmont (Northern Italy) were analyzed. Quantitative analysis, carried out by ICP-OES, allowed to quantify the concentrations of Al, Ba, Ca, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, P, Pb, S, Sr, Zn...


Characterization of cartographic maps of the area between Modena and Bologna (XV-XVIII sec.) store at the State Archives of Modena: an multi analytical noninvasive approach

Panini D., 2016

Subject of this thesis are six maps preserved at the State Archives of Modena, in the collection of Mappario Estense. This fund (Vaccari, 2006) was created in the nineteenth century artificially picking the best map products or examples collected during the Duchy of the Este family is in Ferrara (12081598) and at Modena and Reggio Emilia from 1452 to 1796, the year in which the Este government broke off to be reconquered from 1814 to 1859 with the family branch of the Habsburg-Este. All cartographic documents that make up the Mappario Este are unfortunately devoid of any useful information to reconstruct the historical context and the reasons that justified the drafting. The thesis project, in particular, has been designed especially to the determination of the materials used for the realization of some of these maps, through non-invasive analyzes of the diagnostic type, to try to understand how these documents were made, which had a purpose practical, in the space of time that goes from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century AD...


Pozzolanic reaction in bamboo added mortar

Parotti F., 2009

In this paper the possibility of using bamboo waste as a basis for a natural occurring pozzolanic admixture have been presented. This consideration stems from the changes in lime mortar put in contact with bamboo fibres. The bamboo species of choice was Guadua Angustifolia, a giant bamboo that grows up in South America. The union of bamboo and mortar was used for structural applications, where the mortar was the matrix in a new generation of joints in bamboo structures. The chemical analysis of bamboo revealed the presence of SiO2...


Restoration of the colonnade

Parente M., 2014

The key word of renovator's life is experience. Experience in the working field as possibility to know new people, experience in the eternal city, experience as mean to acquire safety and ability in the employment of tools. How formation of the individual tried in to touch with hand the stone and to feel the history like an unmistakable soul, experience like it also seeks scientific element it accomplice in to constitute an able person. Ability in to know how to recognize an artist like the Bernini founder of an epoch, of a symbol for the whole world. To belong to a team able to stimulate you and to drive you. To be in the yard. Experience is constituted therefore from all these things that feed a passion.


Characterization of polysaccharides and other natural materials in artistic and archaeological field

Riedo C., 2011

Since the ancient times objects and works of art have been produced by using materials available in nature. The interactions between materials and the environment give raise to a wide range of degradation processes, and the scientific investigation is necessary to acquire information on materials and their decay conditions in order to...


Preliminary analysis by FTIR spectroscopy of ancient Egyptian embalmed heads from the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the University of Turin (Italy).

Dell'Anna A., 2010

FTIR spectroscopy has been employed to verify the preservation state of some Egyptian embalmed heads stored in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of Turin. The aim of the research is to document preserved molecular information, cultural...

"The moral art" of Stefano Borelli

Bolognese G., 2008


The complex of manor fram in Torre Alemanna (Foggia, XI - XVI c.): archeometric analysis of mortars and bricks

Navarra M. C., 2008

This work was elaborated as a result of historical and archaeological research on the complex of Torre Alemanna (Foggia, Italy) and on its related use from XI to XVI century. The experimental training conducted at the laboratories of the Geomineralogy dpt. of the...


Application of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) in the philatelic field

Dell'Anna A., 2007

The thesis work, conducted at the Laboratory of Chemical Physics, Department of Innovation Engineering, Lecce, aims to analyze through the use of analytical equipment three stamps: two dating back to the fascist period and one issued in 2000, qualitatively evaluate the effects of time and ...


Analysis of air quality in the museum enviroment: four case studies in the city of Turin

Mastrippolito C., 2007

The subject of this thesis is the testing of methods for the analysis of air quality in a museum environment. For this purpose four museums were selected located in the center of Turin: the Museum of Ancient Art in Palazzo Madama, the Egyptian Museum, National Museum of Cinema and the Art Gallery ..


The events of historic plaster «Fight between Centuar and Lapita» historical analysis and restoration

Lorenzini C., 2006

The bachelor dissertation entitled "The events of historic plaster 'Fight between Centaur and Lapita" historical analysis and restoration " deals about the restoration of a bas-relief in plaster of unknown origin, presumably in the early years of the' nineteenth century, property of the Albertina Academy in Turin ...


Superficial change analysis on painted canvans of Palazzo Reale in Turin

Mastrippolito C., 2005

Restoration company Barbara Rinetti Srl., where the author spent her trainig, was commissioned by the Soprintendenza ai Beni Architettonici e Artistici del Piemonte to write up a project of restoration of furniture and decorations of the third floor of Palazzo Reale. ..


Characterization and aging study of protein-based binders pictorial

Nicola M., 2004

This work is a study on the characterization of protein materials used in painting and on issues related to their aging and degradation. This study was conducted in laboratory on ad hoc artificial samples according to traditional recipes...



CAMEO is a research center of information developed by the "Museum of Fine Arts" in Boston. The MATERIALS database contains chemical, physical, analytical data and images on over 10.000 historical and contemporary materials used in the production and conservation of materials of artistic, architectural, archaeological and anthropological interest..



The database of spectra IRUG (Infrared and Raman Users Group) is a collection of peer-reviewed spectra of materials of artistic and historical interest that have been captured and shared collaboratively by research centers around the world. Currently, the database contains more than 1250 spectra of oils, waxes, natural and synthetic resins, dyes, pigments, proteins, gums and minerals...





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