"The events of historic plaster «Fight between Centaur and Lapita» historical analysis and restoration"

Author:Lorenzini Camilla; Typology: Bachelor dissertation

Licence: CreativeCommons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 ; Year: 2006; Language: italiano

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The bachelor dissertation entitled "The events of historic plaster 'Fight between Centaur and Lapita" historical analysis and restoration " deals presumably in the early yearsof the nineteenth century, property of the Albertine Academy of Turin.
This plaster of large dimensions (102x113x12 cm) had several problems of cohesion and stability  as well as many cleaning problems due to previous restorations not gone well.
After a thorough literature search, the first stages of restoration have been addressed by chemical methods and then by laser cleaning.
The results of chemical cleaning are fully illustrated and compared with laser cleaning that has given  instead excellent results showing the limits of the technique for cleaning gypsum products. After the steps of filling and retouching, the final result is shown in the photos


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