Non-invasive investigations XRF, dimensional colorimetric reliefs and egyptian sarcophagus restored  of XXVI dynasty: two cases compared

Author: Franceschi E., Nicola M., Nicola G. L., Chimienti A., Coluccia S. ; Typology:  Conference proceedings

Licence: © Nardini Editore Lo Stato dell'Arte 6, Atti del VI Congresso Nazionale IGIIC, Spoleto 2008;
Year: 2008;  Language: Italian

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The sarcophagus of Pasherienaset and Ramose (both dating to Dynasty XXVI), both preserved  in two Italian museums, have underwent non-invasive diagnostic tests using portable XRF spectroscopy, for the recognition and comparison of the materials and pigments used. On the Ramose's coffin it has been also acquired a colorimetric dimensional relief with active vision technique, which allows three-dimensional visualization and monitoring of decorated surfaces. The results obtained have been discussed, compared and correlated with the recent restoration and conservation interventions that have affected at different times; the two sarcophagi, mummies and their burial.



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