ADAMANTIO is an Academic Spin-Off of the University of Turin.

ADAMANTIO has its registered office at the Business Incubator of the University of Turin, where are located the major laboratories in which are performed the physical-chemical analyzes, carried out by the company.




Dott. Chim. Marco Nicola.

Ordine dei chimici del Piemonte e della Valle D'aosta

Registration Nr. 1988 Section A



ADAMANTIO is a partner organization of the event DNA.italia since 2010.



ADAMANTIO adheres to the Compagnia delle Opere since 2010.




Marco Nicola  is one of the charter members of the "Forum@conservazione" (as forum dedicated to restoration and conservation), in which he occupies a place in the Board of Directors.










ADAMANTIO participated in 2004 to the National Innovation Award, returning to the ranks of the top 30 projects selected at a national level.





ADAMANTIO's constitution  is preceded by the participation to the initiative of "Che impresa l'impresa" and the Business Plan Competition launched by the University of Turin.

The business idea is ranked first in the competition of ideas.



ADAMANTIO Ltd. ranks second in the competition "Premia l'impresa " in the year 2004-2005.









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