ADAMANTIO Ltd is an Academic Spin-Off of the University of Turin dealing with scientific analyses and researches  for Cultural Heritage and Material Technologies. The company is formed by a network of laboratories and professional experts working together in a common effort to study and preserve materials of artistic and historical interest, as well as developing innovative materials to improve the safeguard of  environment.

ADAMANTIO is working in a context of technology transfer of the researches and activities performed by the University of Turin. Since its foundation in 2005, ADAMANTIO has taken part in various research project as a partner of R&D centers both public and private.
ADAMANTIO mainly deals in laboratory analyses and researches for the study of ancient and modern materials. The results obtained  on artistic and historic materials help restorers, collectors and museums in the aim of preserving and dating objects of interest. Morover development and testing of innovative materials are focused on the research and improvement of new ecofriendly solutions in the fields of green building and green chemistry.    

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