New Manuel of cabinetmaker

Author: Lamour; Typology: ancient book

Licence: CreativeCommons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 ; Year: 1838; Language: ancient french

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The manual, dated 1838, shows a systematic way the "secrets" of cabinet-makers from across the Alps that have shaped the history of taste and design of the time. This is a rare book composed of recipes, glossaries and figures about the world of cabinet, the reading is enjoyable and useful. Also contains the technical processing and assembly of the time, the characteristics of wood, colors and tools used. Little is known of its creator, not having received even the full name (the Cabinet maker Lamour). By the treaty, it is clear that this was an author from the cultured and noble spirit which describes in detail the art of cabinet from the etymology of the noun via the "ways of doing" typical at length in treatises and detailed drawings and arguments of geometry. This approach is obviously influenced by the Enlightenment that was stated in the previous century and austere style that had characterized the scientific description of this nell'Encyclopèdie trades Diderot and D'Alembert.


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