I have always been spellbound from the art's world, since child I travelled with my parents and also alone for Italy in historical and full of culture places. I have drawn near to the world of the restauration in the last period of my permanence to Naples, in 2011, frequenting for one month a shop of a sculptor where I have learned a lot of things like the modelling with clay. After some months when I have weighed whether to do and where to frequent the courses, has taken the decision to transfer me to Cuneo and to follow the lessons in the academy of arts, I have gone to live alone. Experience has formed my character it has allowed me to be in contact with a different reality, experience that then I have fed adding summer stage in Rome, Turin, Asti and Genoa. Currently they are a last year of a specialistic course of the same academy and job as maid from almost four years, I am to graduate me with a well different thesis from that you will find in this site because I expend my horizons with courses of 3D modelling and a study about illumination of environments.


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