Barbara Bolla was born in Chivasso (TO) in 1989. In 2009, she obtained the scientific high school diploma. In 2016, she graduated in Science of materials for Cultural heritage at the University of Turin, with the thesis entitled “Study of the diagenetic effects on ancient human skeletal remains from archaeological sites in Piedmont” (tutor Prof. Eliano Diana), concerning chemical analysis on osteological remains and their burial grounds, as an extension of her bachelor thesis in Technology for Cultural heritage (obtained in 2013). Enthusiastic about physical anthropology since 2012, she attended for three years the Internation Summer School in Anthropology and Osteology in Pontestura (AL), coordinated by Dr. Cristina Cattaneo, forensic pathologist at University of Milan. In 2014 attended for several months the laboratory of physical anthropology at University of Turin, under the supervision of Dr. Rosa Boano.


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