ADAMANTIO Ltd is an Academic Spin-Off of the University of Turin founded in 2005. The company is formed by a team of professional experts specialized in scientific analysis and researches  for Cultural Heritage and Material Technologies. Since its founding, the company takes part in several research projects in close collaboration with the University, the National Research Council and other agencies.

ADAMANTIO is a network of laboratories with highly skilled and professionals experienced, able to apply the modern techniques of scientific investigation in various fields ranging from ancient, modern and innovative materials technology about the restoration, conservation and knowledge of the artistic material. It also provides advice on techniques, technologies and materials suitable for different stages of restoration in relation to the specific nature and type of artifact, its condition and microclimate in which it is stored. In this area is complemented by the evaluation services conservation’s state of environmental and cultural heritage, as well as dating and authentication of works of art. In particular, ADAMANTIO promotes services on the application of nanotechnology in the context of biomaterials, environmental, historic buildings and monuments protection under the Soprintendenza (the Italian Agency for Cultural Heritage). The key players who have turned to ADAMANTIO Ltd is Soprintendenza, Museums, restorers, antique dealers and collectors.

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