Marco NICOLA (chemist PhD, conservation scientist)

Marco Nicola graduated in Chemistry and subsequently obtained a PhD in Chemical and Materials Sciences at the University of Turin (supervisor Prof. Roberto Gobetto, thesis title: "Ancient materials inspiring new technologies: the Egyptian blue"). Following his stay as Visiting Student during his doctoral period at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge USA, since 2016 he has also been included in the research group of prof. Admir Masic at MIT's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (

Between 2004 and 2006 he worked as a chemist in the family conservation laboratories in Aramengo helping in the control of methods and materials. In these and previous years he met the main scientific themes found in conservation. In 2005 with his young colleague and friend Admir Masic he founded the ADAMANTIO company, framing it as the first Academic Spin-Off of the University of Turin. Since then, he has continuously supervised and coordinated all the works of ADAMANTIO, accumulating experiences on a wide range of materials of historical and artistic interest. In July 2007 she became Director and Sole Shareholder of ADAMANTIO which settled at the Business Incubator of the University of Turin after a short stay at the CNR-ISTEC. Since 2015, the ADAMANTIO shareholder structure has been extended to Alessandro Marello and Chiara Mastrippolito.

After the relative State Exam, he has been enrolled in the Order of Chemists of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta since 2005.  Following the establishment of the national list (Ministerial Decree n.244 of 20 May 2019), he also acquired the qualification of Expert in diagnostics and science and technology applied to cultural heritage (Band 1, Level of the European Qualifications Framework: EQF 8).

Between 2013 and 2016 he was adjunct professor in the Conservation Course of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cuneo, with alternation for the disciplines: Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Diagnostics and Diagnostics for stone. Since 2016, in cooperation with Roberto Scalesse and Gianfranco Quaranta, he coordinates the activities in Italy of ONE-MA3, the annual Summer Fieldwork directed by Admir Masic and aimed at students of his course at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of MIT. Marco Nicola has been supervisor of numerous degree theses and projects carried out in collaboration with universities and national and international research institutes. Until 2022 he has published a dozen articles in peer-reviewed international scientific journals and chapters of scientific books. He has also produced numerous other written contributions in Conference Proceedings, Exhibition Catalogs and other knowledge dissemination and popularization content. Worthy of note are the videos on pigments made in collaboration with the scientific popularizer Barbascura X and with the Egyptian Museum of Turin.

Within ADAMANTIO, he holds the role of Scientific Director, Conservation Scientist and Freelance Researcher.


Alessandro MARELLO  (chemist, chemical laboratory technician)

He was born in Canale (CN) in 1979. He obtained the Bachelor's degree in Chemistry in the academic year 2003/2004 at the University of Turin (supervisor Prof. Glauco Tonachini). After graduation he deals with IT consultancy, systems engineering and graphic layout and participates in training courses at the Business Administration School of Turin relating to the Master in Business Management.

Alessandro has been collaborating with ADAMANTIO since 2007 and has been a partner since 2015. In recent years he has specialized in laboratory analyses, acquiring experience and familiarity in particular in Microscopy (Optical and Electronic) and Spectrophotometric (XRF, FT-IR, Raman) analyses. At Adamantio he is responsible for the chemical laboratory and personally follows the entire analysis process, from sampling to sample preparation, up to laboratory analysis. He deepens the interpretation and IT management of the results in a continuous updating process. He takes part in the planning, coordination and execution of various long-term study and research projects. He has experience in environmental monitoring and multispectral imaging techniques.


Chiara MASTRIPPOLITO (conservation scientist)

She was born in Turin in 1983. In the 2006-2007 academic year she obtained a master's degree in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Turin with a thesis: "Analysis of air in museum environment: four case studies in the city of Turin” (supervisor Prof. Oscar Chiantore). After graduating, she was involved in research and innovation in cultural heritage as part of research grants with the support and supervision of the IFM Department of Chemistry of the University of Turin. She has acquired the qualification of Diagnostic and Science and Technology Applied to Cultural Heritage Expert (band 1) and is on the national list pursuant to Ministerial Decree No. 244 of 20 May 2019. Level of the European Qualifications Framework: EQF 8 (I band).

Chiara has been collaborating with Adamantio since 2008 and in 2015 she joined the company structure. At Adamantio she follows the planning and coordination of interventions and diagnostic campaigns, participation in tenders and contracts and the drafting of analytical reports. She deals with the scientific communication of the results and participate in research and training programs in the cultural heritage sector.


Cooperate with us

Alessandro BAZZACCO (physicist)

Diagnostic activities on cultural heritage, physical methods for conservation, multispectral investigations. Teaching of chemistry and technology of materials, conservation techniques, diagnostics and physics for cultural heritage. Conservation and consultancy activities on techniques and products.

Riccardo FRENCIA (geologist)

Description and interpretation of thin sections, petrographic analysis, characterization of minerals, rocks, mortars, stuccos, ceramics, degradation of rocks and its effect on rock structures. Archaeometric research on the processing technology and origin of ceramic and archaeological mosaic materials.


Flavio Ruffinatto (wood technologist)

Researcher at the Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA) of the University of Torino, his research interests are focused on wood structure, wood identification, properties and uses of wood, and diagnostics on wooden cultural heritage. He has extensive experience teaching wood technology and wood identification to academic students and vocational training bodies.


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